Be the Goddess of your life.     

Do you like being a little quirky, not because you want to stand out, but because you want to shine your true self.                       

I totally get you.

I’m Anne-Marie designer and owner of myelma.

I totally understand what its like to want that feeling of connection and support, but at times feel a little isolated instead.  I wanted to create jewellery for women who deserve a little love and support in their lives.

My inspirations come from life experiences, joyful, sad, challenging, oh and the beach.  The gorgeous POP of colour from crystals creates such a warm feeling for me, its kind of like a little secret between my heart and soul from the outside world, and creates strength, energy and support for me daily and i just need to share that with you.

My passion for creating began as a teenager loving to knit and sew with my Grandmother.  It wasn't until 2013 when my passion for jewellery making and design was ignited.  I was doing a “make a ring in a day” jewellery course and the memories came flooding back tome of being in the backyard with my dad, melting lead from pipes, (yes lead), pouring the molten hot metal into sand moulds to make sinkers for fishing.  It was sooo warm and full of love and fun, and its with these feelings i create jewellery today.

Discovering the joy of simplicity in design and crystal energy have been quietly evolving in me for some time.  Maybe like me you are embarking on a new chapter in your life, and are looking for a little love and support to get you inspired, or keep you going.  

Some of my designs don’t incorporate crystals, they will still support your life or daily challenges simply by holding your myelma design in the palm of your hand and whispering your intention.  Our designs come to you created with love and soul.

Using recycled materials and crystals sourced from Australia wherever possible.  We are always aware of our impact on the environment with our jewellery techniques while creating styles for you so you'll never feel lost while wearing a myelma design.



all our pieces are created using traditional hand-crafted techniques

all our pieces are created using traditional hand-crafted techniques

I have been a creative as long as I can remember. Creating from leather, fabric & metal. My passion began as a sewer in my teenage years.  My mother and grandmother were both creatives, and my daughters alike love to sew and knit.
Design process - concept sketches

Design process - concept sketches




There is so much beauty in simplicity in design

Be the goddess of your life.

Be the goddess of your life.



I began using crystals with some of my designs, bringing the beautiful healing energy and love of crystals to my jewellery.  My wish is to bring bliss, joy, energy, power and support for the wearer.

- Anne-Marie