For several thousand years, the art of crystal healing has always been seen as a natural part of medicine, a tradition that continues today.

If you carry healing crystals in the form of jewellery the effect of the specific crystal will affect the energy and healing levels of the body. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and anklets worn uninterruptedly for long periods will, in turn, have a general effect on the whole body. Their effect is then spread through the energy pathways to the whole body.

Crystals have vibrational energy which can be used to assist you in times of stress.

Do you believe in the Healing Energy of Crystals, or do you just love them because of their gorgeous colours, beauty and design.  They can simply be a symbol of support for you during blocks in your life, to remind you that you will be okay.

We have written brief descriptions with each crystal, however this is by no means the entire benefit of any specific crystal. 

Healing crystal meanings are meant as spiritual supports to healing and are not healthcare advice or prescriptions. Use the crystal meanings  to help find your own inner  truth; what is best and right for one is not necessary so for another.

crystal healing