June Goddesses

If you are born in June you have the two most healing & supportive gemstones.

Moonstone and Pearl

Moonstone is the stone of Feminine Energy, and Pearl the stone of purity.

Pearl - How can you feel grounded and centred? wear some pearls so no matter how chaotic your life becomes these stones will keep you calm. Create a little self-love in your world.

Moonstone - The Moonstone Crystal reminds us to go with the flow, which doesn't always mesh perfectly with the demands of modern life, manifest peace and harmony within the body your spirit. Resonating the power and mystery of the moon, you will see the reflection of the moonlight in your gorgeous moonstone crystal

We create both pearl and moonstone earrings, necklaces and bracelets to keep your life a little less crazy. If you would prefer and anklet just pop us a message and we would love to create it for you.

Anne-Marie Puglisi