Birthing Bracelet

I have lovingly thread 5 gorgeous healing crystals for you during this magical journey in your life of becoming a mother. Five healing crystals to support you and be with you at all times, made into this stunning sterling silver bracelet.

Carnelian - the gorgeous red/orange stone which will install courage and protection from fear. Carnelian is a strong fire stone, and instills great willpower and motivation for you its wearer. Carnelian helps expectant mothers by protecting against negative emotions and reviving self-esteem during trying times. Carnelian, this very energetic stone, provides the women with energy, which is much needed for labour and delivery.

Lapis Lazuli - (blue) unleashed the inner spiritual queen within and enhances intuition and self truth. Beautiful Lapis will quickly release stress, bringing peace, harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. Helps the body reduce the physical stresses caused by pregnancy. In the 17th century Lapis was crushed and added to a potent medicine for women during childbirth.

Moonstone - I have added both Peach Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone - This favourite stone is the stone of the Divine Feminine - Warrior Goddess - Helps relieve stress, fear and tension during childbirth and makes for a smooth delivery. It works with the moon and cycles, shifting energies from fertility to preparing the womb for conception, then to providing smooth process and easiness in pregnancy and childbirth and with breast feeding. I gave this powerful stone to both my daughters for their journey to become a mumma, and it’s just precious and magical. I love to wear Moonstone a lot as it is also the stone of, Mother of the Moon, deep healing waters and sacred feminine energy.

Rose Quartz - (pink) Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. One of the most important stones for opening your heart to love. Its excellent to wear to be in the energy of love, during childbirth. This beautiful stone and it’s loving, nurturing, calming energy is powerful in times of stress and healing to mother and child.

Amethyst - (purple) This translucent purple stone is a natural tranquiliser for cooling down the mind and emotions and alleviating the multitude of physical, mental and emotional imbalance that pregnancy brings. It dispels anger, fear, anxiety, eases pain, and relieves tension. Overall it is a healer beyond measure for practically everything, especially transforming negative energy to love.

Anne-Marie Puglisi