CITRINE (Energising)

CITRINE (Energising)


Citrine, energising & recharging.

Gorgeous Citrine set with Sterling Silver is a powerful cleanser and regenerator.

Like the warm rays of the sun this stone carries the power of the sun, it is warming, energising, and highly creative.

Citrine energises on every level, especially the solar plexus chakra.

Sterling silver chain included in the price.

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We create our gorgeous pieces with much love, laughter and loud music.

Caring for your beautiful Myelma jewellery information is at the bottom of this page under FAQ's.  Have a read to keep your pieces beautiful.

Created with Love and Soul.  

Our wish is to bring bliss, energy, power & support for the wearer.

Each crystal will vary in price depending on the grade of the crystals.  All our stones are pure gemstones.


Length of crystal 4.5cm

Sterling silver chain 60cm