Lepidolite - especially good for cooling fiery emotions and providing a sense of calm and tranquility during chaotic and stressful times. One of the best mood stabilisers in the world of gemstones this gentle healing stone stimulates all chakras. Aiding in dissolving energy blocks that may be keeping you from true happiness. For empaths this is a very healing stone.

What a gentle magical crystal.


Width 14mm

Length 40mm

Gemstone 6mm x 3mm

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All our pieces are individually hand-cut from sterling silver and may vary a little in size.  

Re-cycled sterling silver is used wherever possible.

My wish is for women of all ages to feel connected and supported everyday, bringing to life their own personal strength and bliss.

Information on caring for your beautiful Myelma jewellery is at the bottom of this page under FAQ's.  Have a read to keep your pieces beautiful.