Each piece of Myelma jewellery in unique.  Each piece is handmade, and has a natural feel to it.  No item is perfect, with natural flaws being the base of our design, and no two pieces are alike. We try our best to replicate each piece as closely as possible.  However the uniqueness of each piece is the uniqueness of our designs.

Silver is a precious metal and in time will oxidize.  Silver actually improves with age and it develops a nice patina when treated well. Wiping your pieces occasionally with a polishing cloth will keep them bright and shiny.

Harsh chemicals and salt water, bleach or detergents can damage your precious jewellery, erode, hold plating and the polish of gems leaving them dull.  Hairspray, perfume and perspiration can also cause dullness if not regularly cleaned off. Its best to remove jewellery when showering and sleeping.

Myelma jewellery has a 6-month warranty.  This warranty covers manufacturing faults (but does not cover neglect or wear and tear) and we will at our own discretion replace or repair the faulty/damaged product.




our pieces are handcrafted with love & Joy

Each piece is handcrafted with specific techniques to create our unique finishes, our distinctive design is quite organic and natural.  One of our loves is hammered and sanded pieces, which is our founding creative design.