Sterling Silver Moon Pendant with Turquoise crystals, handcrafted with so much love.

This is just simply my favourite. I have a love for the moon and crystals and this beautiful pendant combines them both. The moon is 20mm in length, and fitted to a 45cm sterling silver chain. I have designed and handcrafted this unique pendant with so much love and happiness. My jewellery is designed to be perfectly imperfect as all handcrafted designs are. Just wear this and feel the love. Turquoise is the crystal for Strength and Protection. If given as a gift this stone will protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune. Such a perfect gift.

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All our pieces are individually hand-cut from sterling silver and may vary a little in size.

We create our gorgeous pieces with much love, laughter and loud music.

Caring for your beautiful Myelma jewellery information is at the bottom of this page under FAQ's.  Have a read to keep your pieces beautiful.